Wheriz features tour

Here you have some of the main features and concepts that we have developed and implemented in wheriz. We have worked really hard to iron out every detail, but we have missed many things for sure, so don't hesitate on dropping us a line and suggest improvements or to criticize us openly!

Geo-chrono-matching: the key to your future

We cross-check your agenda with other users' agendas over time and space.

Here at wheriz we have developed a technology that allows to cross check users' agenda over time and space, so we can give you coincidences with your contacts, depending on where and when you are going to be and they are going to be.

We can tell you quite accurately who you coincide with wherever you are going, who's just arriving and who's leaving, what events are coming up and what your contacts are now and will be up to.

Know easily what's going to happen

Based on position and time, anywhere on the planet

The key point to geo-chrono-matching is that users tell us where and when they are planning to do things. Using that information, we offer an interface to see matches and specify how you want to see them: based on your plans, or checking by date and around a given place.

Verifiying against your plans, you will be able to visualize your future: your own and your contacts' events, travels, etc.

Verifiying against specific data, you can move in space with the map control, and in time with the calendar control, and see potential coincidences in future trips.

Find matches whereever and whenever

Who, Where, When, In how many days, How many hours, etc.

When wheriz find events coincidence, it gives you useful data about the event, such as the date, place, length, distance, days and hours left, etc.

The results list gives you summarized information, and if you click on it, it shows you a more detailed file.

Be as specific as you want

Check specific people, events, places, dates and many more

You can specify dates and places to check, and we give you a finer control over coincidence finding: reduce matching radius distance (to match your means of transportation), event type, etc.

More over, we give you many visualization options, such as graphic representations of origin and destination of each travel so you can easily see how your contacts sprawl all over the world.

Your plans are very important to everybody

Manage your plans: detailed editing of events and stays

We have prepared an interface to edit your agenda so you can easily add and edit your plans. You can add events and stays (trips), and if you happen to be a group administrator, you can manage group events too.

We only ask you three simple questions that you can answer with these controls:

A map to specify where.

A date and time controls to specify when.

A tag control to tell us who you want to know about the plan.

Respecting your privacy is very important to us

Visibility: exactly as you wish.

For us at wheriz privacy is a key aspect of the service. You can specify exactly who in your contact list can see a given plan.

Via the tagging system, the only thing you will have to do is tagging plans and contacts: only those users marked with the same tag as the plan will be able to see it.

You can learn more by watching this guide we have prepared.

Share your hobbies with the community

Public, private and secret communities

You can add some more information to your visibility horizon, besides your contacts' data. You can subscribe to groups: a concert tour from your favourite group, this month clubs sessions, museums temporary exhibitions, etc.

And if you are willing to provide your own content, you can create your own groups by upgrading to a Pro user. There are three kinds of groups: public -everybody can see them and subscription is immediate-, private -everybody can see them, but you have to be accepted to be a member- and secret -nobody knows about them unless you are explicitly invited.

Tested on humans

No spam, no abuse - Just what you want to know

We have worked really hard to prevent abuse of the information shared between contacts by empowering the visibility system.

Wheriz is not your typical social network: we do not want each user to see every user, just the ones who are interested in sharing plans. Wheriz is a service aimed at giving you important information in a clear and swift way.

With the contact list, the tagging visibility system and the one-click subscription-to-group system, we are trying to provide you with useful and easy experience.