wheriz is a common effort by:

  • Esteve "jotm" Serra ClaveraOriginal idea, API and SQL magic.
  • Miquel MarinChief Networking Officer and Sports channel manager.
  • Jaime "spite" Sánchez ElíasMain coding, design, API and web inteface.
  • Victor Grau SerratSupport coding and systems administration.
  • Javier "acidbeat" Arredondo ValienteCorporate image and design.
  • Elena ZhurinovaRussian & English localization.
  • Àngels Oliva GirbauEnglish localization.
  • Cao HaixiangChinese localization.
  • Tassos NatsakisGreek localization.
  • Martin VojcikSlovak localization.
  • Iulia RomanRomanian and French localization.
  • Stefanie WalzGerman localization.
  • Claudia GeorgiGerman localization.

And the betatesting people that also helped to push the project forward.

World placename results are served using a dataset by Geonames and offered with Creative Commons Attribution license.

Location weather conditions results are served using data from Weather Underground.