A lot of work has been done to revamp the main map, the one that wheriz uses to show upcoming matches. It is now more efficient, snappier, and -that's how we like it- more customizable.

That means that we can show more things, in less time, and in a prettier way. That also means that he map is now easier to integrate in other pages or even web applications.

In case you are interested in a control map that manages overlay clustering, big circle line drawing -with level of detail-, embedded search control and many more things, drop us a line!

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Tue 2Sep2008

Private feeds about upcoming matches

Posted by spite on 2008-09-02

We are fidgeting with ways of delivering information to our users (that's you, you clever and handsome you ;) trying to find the best approach to personal app-to-user communications.

We have started by enabling a simple RSS feed of matches between your plans and your friends'. It's a simple RSS v2.0 feed. You can subscribe to it using your favourite feed reader.

Remember that this feed is private: it is intended to be seen by you and only by you (a james-bondesque only-for-your-eyes thing). We know, it's a tad weird, given that feeds are usually universal and public, but we suppose your wouldn't like your plans to be seen by the first eavesdropper that happens to cross your path, now would you?

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