Sun 8May2011

The Skyrunning championship starts!

Posted by jotm on 2011-05-08

We have been waiting so long until this day. Today finally takes place the first race of the 2011 Skyrunning® World Series. Organized by the International Skyrunning Federation, the championship has a total of 16 races: six of them being the Series (SWS) and SWS Trials for the rest. Races are always crossing mountaintops in extreme conditions and can have up to 43km distance and 3200m of elevation gain. The first race is in Arlès-sur-Tech and it's a hard track of 4.8km and 1000m of elevation gain. Just a taste of the difficulties ahead for these racers.

Get the races list at the ISF's profile page.

Good luck to everyone!!

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