Mon 24May2010

Introducing the wheriz flow

Posted by jotm on 2010-05-24

Since some weeks ago at wheriz we have focused on exploiting all the potential of the information stored in our systems towards our users and customers.

So far, users could see their matches against the plans of other users and groups but was a little bit more difficult to track down the actions done by the contacts or from the groups.

The wheriz flow lists all the recent activities from your contacts, groups you manage, groups you are subscribed to and also from those plans you have either posted a comment or set your RSVP.

There is also another wheriz flow at user and group level that shows only the actions of the given user. You can find it under the 'flow' tab.

This way it's far more easy to see new plans from your contacts or get updates about the attendance of some plan.

Thanks again for all your support and the ideas and comments delivered to us for making the wheriz experience more interesting!!

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