Tue 18Nov2008

New pages for the URI lovers

Posted by spite on 2008-11-18

In wheriz we try very hard to improve usability and to give you, the users, the best possible experience and the most relevant information in a quick and simple way.

We're aiming at providing flexibility without getting lost in a sea of information. After many thinking, several tries, and some hits-and-misses, we have added a set of new pages:

Your new Home page, which provides some information about you and your contacts, displays warnings and notifications -if there are any-, and shows a quick report of your matches in the next seven days. Think of it as your more immediate agenda, with the additional advantage of showing those of your friends' plans which coincide with yours in space and time. You can check it out by logging into http://www.wheriz.es/main.php

The Future page shows you upcoming matches for a month. It tells pretty much the same thing as the report in the main page, but looks further into the future. Go take a look at http:/www.wheriz.es/future. If you have signed into wheriz, you will see your personal matches -between your plans and your friends' and with the groups your are subscribed to. If you have not signed in, you will see the upcoming public events all over the world, with no space-time matching.

The Groups page displays a list of all the public and private groups. Take a look at all of them at http://www.wheriz.es/groups and feel free to subscribe to any which fits your interests.

A wheriz User's profile page is now a URL like http://www.wheriz.es/user/x, and a wheriz Group's profile page is a URL like http://www.wheriz/group/x (in both cases, x would be the unique identifier). These pages show the upcoming events of a user or a group. In such cases, the rule of visibility does not apply: you can either see it or you cannot, it does not depend on whether you have a match in space and time. You can check it out at http://www.wheriz.es/user/2 or http://www.wheriz.es/group/297

Finally, the Event detail page, a URL such as http://www.wheriz.es/event/x, displays all available information about a given event. Same as before, you can browse events whether you coincide with them or not.

So, as a conclusion:
Main and Future show your upcoming coincidences: Enter your plans and invite a lot of friends to wheriz and you will always be up-to-date.
User, Group and Event pages do not show coincidences, just plain information. You may need to sign in to see some of that information, depending on whether it's a friend sharing plans only with friends or upcoming plans from a private group you are subscribed to.

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