Sun 8May2011

The Skyrunning championship starts!

Posted by jotm on 2011-05-08

We have been waiting so long until this day. Today finally takes place the first race of the 2011 Skyrunning® World Series. Organized by the International Skyrunning Federation, the championship has a total of 16 races: six of them being the Series (SWS) and SWS Trials for the rest. Races are always crossing mountaintops in extreme conditions and can have up to 43km distance and 3200m of elevation gain. The first race is in Arlès-sur-Tech and it's a hard track of 4.8km and 1000m of elevation gain. Just a taste of the difficulties ahead for these racers.

Get the races list at the ISF's profile page.

Good luck to everyone!!

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Tue 7Dec2010

wheriz launch a new tool: the Contacts Importer

Posted by miki on 2010-12-07

Simple things made simple!!

Use the Contacts Importer to share your plans with as much people as you want. Using the Contacts Importer all wheriz users will be able to import the contacts they may have in their web mails or social networks contact lists. From now on, this has been launched in an easy and fast wheriz new tool.

Go to Manage/My contacts and click on the Import tab or just simply go directly typing You just have to type the address, the password and select the provider of the web mail server (GMail Hotmail, Yahoo!, ...) or the social network (Facebook, Flickr, Hi5, ...) you currently use. Automatically you will realize which of your contacts are already using wheriz and which not. Then, you just have to select all the contacts you want to add to your wheriz contact list. They will receive an automatic email invitation from wheriz or an internal message from that social network.

Your login (user and password) nor the listed contacts information wll be stored on wheriz systems.

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Tue 7Dec2010

Coloured Widget for Blogs and Websites

Posted by miki on 2010-12-07

One of the main calendar sharing tools that wheriz offer to all their users is the wheriz widget. This let you show your current plans and your upcoming public events in your blog or website using the javascript available in every wheriz user profile.

Recently, the widget has been significantly improved:

-Firstly, now it also shows a direct link to view the user plans of the user in a map, in addition to the classic links that it already had (profile, stays and user plans).

-Secondly, the widget will automatically adapt the colour (background and text) of the blog or website where it has been inserted. Here you have two examples:


Shortly we will update you on how to define colours on the widget based on user’s criteria!!

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